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With Covid restrictions now easing around the world, people at last have the power to move around. Many are enjoying life outside of their homes – visiting pubs, eating out at restaurants, watching shows at the cinema or theater.

When they were confined to their houses, people spent on home improvements, a new TV or computer, on the garden. But now disposable income is being directed to outside venues, and the pubs, restaurants and coffee shops are at last thriving again. A great many are renovating, trying to attract as many customers new and old as they can.

And so a new market emerges, one that caters for decorating these places. At Armada Orient, we have a wide range of unique items that can give that “WOW” factor to renovations. We have old canoes and horse carts, doors and windows from demolished buildings, bits of carving, antique beds and cabinets, and much more. Our skilled craftmen can make custom made pieces in teak, iron and other materials to your designs.

A number of our valued customers now have a sections of their establishments dedicated to this fast growing area. Because the items are unusual, profit margins are generous, and the retail customers appreciate being able to get fascinatingly novel pieces from their projects. Our ranges of natural, eroded teak in particular are in high demand around the world.

It is best if you can visit our warehouse here in Solo, but if that is difficult, we can always send you lists of currently available stock. Alternatively, you can send us drawings or pictures of items that you are seeking, and we will give you quotations on the same.

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