“New Find”

Michael MicklemProduct News25 Comments

We have “new find” this week. And we can’t hardly wait to share it with you. A lovely and vintage fruit bowl, dulang bowl, bar stool and many more. Take a look at this promo, maybe you will find something interesting for your business. Check this catalogue to see some of the most exciting, unusual and super-salable items.

“New This Week!”

Michael MicklemProduct News22 Comments

We found some good stuff last week, and want to share it with you. A pretty diverse lot – risban benches, tables, old rice mortars, umpak candlestick. Take a peep at this promo. Could be something excitingly new for your business.

“A Wide Variety of Things from Armada Orient”

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Here in Solo, in the centre of Java island. We have access to a wide variety of things. And with nearly 25 years of experience, we know just what sells. Be it a lovely old risban bench, a funky cake mold neatly holds spice jars, an ancient waterpot for the garden or an unusual cupboard – we either have, can … Read More