Our eroded teak ranges

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We all want to return to nature. In this age of plastic, glass and steel, it is reassuring to see the warmth and beauty of natural wood, it’s imperfections giving character and charm.

Our pieces are made from old recycled teak, salvaged from demolished houses and bridges, warehouses and ricebarns. Carefully selecting timbers, our skilled craftmen fashim stunning furniture and accessories to grace your home, shop or restaurant.

Our Cube Range is designed to hold 9 bottles of wine per hole. Or perfect for foolscap folders. Or whatever else you can to store – shoes, clothes, kid’s toys etc etc etc. The clever square motive on the sides mirrors the front.

The buffets are ideal for your living room. They have ample shelving (and drawers), and a generous top to display your favorite pieces.

Mirrors come in any size or shape you desire. The glass can be plain or beveled, or even an antique distressed look.

We welcome any design enquires and of course especially orders!

Check this catalogue below :

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