Coffee mortar

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Inexpensive and useful ! In days of yore, when most of the vehicles were horse or buffalo powered, and the Dutch were lords over the Indonesia Isles, people used to pond their coffee beans in wood or stone mortars. The crushed beans were their soaked in boiling water to provide the daily up of Java for both masters and peasants … Read More

Old Doors & Window Shutters

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Recycling, repurposing, green environmentally sound practice ! From the small rural villages of Java, we collect up these lovely old teak doors and windows and shutters. Then bringing them back to our workshops here in Solo, we repair and finish them. The end result is a range of very inexpensive, unique pieces that would glorify any home, cafĂ©, restaurant or … Read More

Coffee Tables

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One of the most useful pieces of furniture in your house ! The coffee table, sitting in the middle of your primary living space, is usually the focus of visiting guests to your home. As such it is an important statement of who you are and what your tastes are. Are you a bland IKEA personality, or do you a … Read More

Feed Bowls

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Stunning in the Garden ! These days, the pace of life is fast, and people don’t have time to create with their hands like in the olden times. Many skills are being lost as more and more of our requirements are produced in factories. It’s nice to have things handmade, with all then little quirks and imperfections, Like these feed … Read More