Pots, Pots & More Pots

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Yogyakarta is the seat of one of the oldest and most powerful sultanates in Indonesia, and is considered a great centre of Javanese culture. Many arts and crafts flonished over the centuries around the royal courts. One of these, located south of the palaces, is a small village which has been supplying terracotta pottery throughout the ages to royals and commoners alike.

Often the factories in the village have an excess of stock which they dump out the back. Another might suffer economic problems, or be destroyed in a storm. We buy up whole yards of these pots in bulk very cheaply, then clean and pack them, and can sell them to you at amazingly low prices.

The pottery comes in all kinds of exciting shapes and sizes. Generally they vary from 10 to 90 cm and prices range from US$ 0.25 to US$ 25.00 a piece. Check out a sample range in the attached file – through it is by no means everything we have available.

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