About Us

About Armada Orient

Our company is small and personal. Our aim is to give the best possible service that we can, solving your supply problems so that you can concentrate on the job of selling.
We are based in Solo (also known as Surakarta) in Central Java.
This beautiful old city is a major centre for Indonesian furniture production. It is also the birthplace of Javanese culture and is very inexpensive and laid back. There is a lot to see and do around Solo – old palaces, a wonderful antique market, ancient temples, mountain climbing, shopping for batik and handicrafts.
Our main product lines are antiques, recycled timber production, handicrafts and building materials. We also have good contacts for many other items : pottery, glassware, ironwork, lighting, upholstery. You name it, and we can find it.

Our History

C.V. Armada Orient was established in Solo in 1999. Initially we were mainly a buying office for Australian customers, with the emphasis in early days on cheap mahogany furniture and handicrafts.
Within a few very short years however we evolved. Our plan was to sell better quality kiln-dried product. We built our own kilns, instituted more rigorous quality control and tried in every way to improve our product. We started doing our own production. And we worked closely with our customers, asking them for feed-back and suggestions.
Our market area changed too – soon we were selling to Europe, then US, Asia, and the Middle East. These days, we have buyers spread out all over the world. And many of them have been loyal customers for years and years.
Today has 20 years experience manufacturing, sourcing, and exporting goods. And along the way we have made good friends with a lot of wonderful people around the world.

Meet Our Team

Michael Micklem is an Australian who has travelled Asia extensively, before finally settling in Solo in 1999. His interests include climbing mountains, canoeing Java’s rivers and drinking beer.
Ms Murti has been working for Armada for over 10 years and runs the office with amazing efficiency.