Wooden Textile Mill Trays

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These trays have a marvellous shabby chic look that would grace any home!

Our world is changing, ever more rapidly. Things that seemed new and modern a few years ago are suddenly very old fashioned these days. PC computers, camera film, fixed line telephones, television; the list goes on and on. So it is not surprising that many of the old industries close down, replaced  with new factories with gleaming up-to-date machinery from China and Europe.

When that happens here in Indonesia, there is sometimes a great opportunity to salvage wonderful old pieces from the dismantled businesses. This happened a few weeks ago, when a long running textile mill shut their doors for the last time. We were lucky enough to purchase all their lovely old teak wood trays, used for carrying the bobbins of weaving cotton.

The trays come in a cream colour or light blue, and are numbered. We have cleaned and repaired them, but they still retain that highly regarded shabby chic look. You can even still see on some of the tray sides little coloured dots where the bobbins made  contact. This is a once in a lifetime chance to get a piece of Solo’s rich heritage. Once they are sold, I doubt we will see the like again.

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