The Weird & The Wonderful Part 2

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The quest goes on. We’re always looking for something different, and enthusiastically pursue an interesting but pratical use.

Here are another 5 things that we found. And what we turned them into. They range from old wooden alarmbells to rat fumigators. Read and enjoy………… and buy !

6. Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguisher have a definite lifespan. After that, they usually end up in the rubbish bin or at a scrap merchant.

However we turn them into little bathroom cabinets. Just right for that very popular industrial look that is so popular these days.

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7. Table legs.

When we discovered a warehouse with thousands of old table legs, we were excited. Here was what we’d been looking for – piled to the ceiling, covered in dirt, dust and rat shit. We knew exactly what to do with them.

Now we have a good source for inexpensive candlesticks. Cut, cleaned and fixed with iron pieces, each is different.

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8. Rat fumigator.

Rats are a big problem here in Indonesia. They plague city and country alike. In the padi fields, they eat the rice plants, So the farmers fumigate their fields using these homemade machines. But what could we use them for?

How about a lampbase? They have that vintage look which is so popular these days. We add a base, and clean them up. Exotic indeed !

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9. Betelnut holder

Betelnut has a long tradition here in Indonesia. But is largely lost now. Only a few old folk chew the messy and mildly narcotic sirih, as it’s called here. In the old days, every house had a wooden or brass kinangan, or betelnut holder for guests visiting the house. The different sections held the ingredients necessary for the guest – betelnut slices, lime, betelnut leaves, tobacco, etc.

These days, they make a very useful desk accessorie to hold all those paperclips and small items that are needed daily, but tend to get messy.

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10. Kentongan alarm bell.

So this one is not really a change of use so much as an idea. Kentongan bells are made from hollowed out nangka (jackfruit) logs, nangka wood having a much better sound than teak. They are used in every village by the night patrols (called ronda) who beat out loudly to warn the inhabitants of danger. Flood, fires, thieves, invaders from another village – all have different rythmns.

In the west, we can use them to summon the family to dinner. Or as a novel door bell.

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