The Weird & The Wonderful Part 1

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One of the most exciting things in this business is when one of our friends comes up with a novel idea for repurposing some seemingly useless antiques item. Here are a few examples.

  1. Badminton Cock Molds

Many years ago, Solo had factories making badminton cocks from aluminum and feathers. But as they were overtaken by the cheap plastic rivals from China, these workshops closed, leaving the teak molds neglected.

The uses for these are myriad. An egg holder, a wall lamp – they have even been used as an unusual stair landing.

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2. Weaving shuttle

These beautiful old teak shuttles were used in the handwoven fabric industry – now widely superceded by modern machinery. They are polished glossy by the tens of thousands, even millions of times they have been shot through the cotton warp threads carrying the weft. But what to use them for?

My friend Mr. Fujii from Japan knew straight away. Opening up the bobbin holder, he declared “A coat hook” And what a great coat hook it makes too. Can be mounted on a board in multiples as well.

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3. Epoh weaving backrest

In the olden days, many Javanese households had hand looms for weaving. The most primitive of these looms tied the warp threads to part of the house, while the other end was fixed to a carved stick called an epoh. The weaver would adjust the tension of the warp by putting pressure on the epoh, which was behind her back.

An idea from New Zealand resulted in adding a metal rod and chain, turning these lovely old epoh into fabulous fabric hangers.

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4. Horse saddles

Javanese horses usually have wooden saddles – wood being much cheaper and more readily available than leather. But what do you do with old wooden saddles?

My mate Johannes the Norwegian looked at them and declared “Turn them into barstools” And so we did. They are remarkably comfortable. If you are looking for something exotic and different, this is definitely it. But they’re very limited. Get in quick!

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5. Cake molds

Recently we were offered and bought 158 cake molds. They have six holes that go right through.

Not sure what we are going to do with these, but they were too good to refuse. Any ideas?

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