The Road Trip

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The latest little road trip we did was short but sweet. There were some great pieces – many of them ideal filler items that can get your container value up (and your freight bill per item down).

  1. The Sculptor

This young Indonesia guy is a genuine genius in turning scrap items into intriguingly sculptures. There are robots and animals, people and Martians, wall decors and staircases. And if you have a pet favourite, he can make it too.

2. Primitive is In

The primitive tribal look is big at the moment. That intriguingly simple and well proportioned design that comes when the natives carve a piece of wood or stone to represent something. The originals are expensive, hard to get and often forbiden to export, so why not buy the next best thing – a reproduction made by those natives? Designs are from Papua, Sumba, Timor and some of the other lesser known islands of Indonesia.

3. Wood Art

How about a pair of gift angel’s wings? Or a repro Timur house door? For ideal filler items, there are boxes, small stools, buckets and much more. And so inexpensive.

4. Back to Nature

We all like natural things in this age where plastic and steel is so ubiquitous. These split bamboo lampshades fit the bill. Light, easy to install and a good price. And come in a very wide range of shapes and sizes.

5. Morocco Revisited

Copies of Morocco lamps and candleholders. The glass comes in bevelled, plain and coloured.

6. Wall Arts

These wooden art panels are ideal for inexpensive decorations. And they don’t take much in your container either, so make ideal fillers.

There is such a large variety of product available, it is best to give us a list of your interests, and we will put together a sample quotation. Alternatively, send us a picture with dimensions, and we can work out a very good price for you.

25 Comments on “The Road Trip”

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