The Old Modes of Transport

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Andong house cart

Things here in Indonesia are changing rapidly, 20 years ago, most people rode pushbikes, or walked. Or if they’d a lot of things to carry back from the market, they might hire a becak pedicab or take a horse drawn carriage.

Nowadays, most of these modes have largely disappeared. Solo city now has a sophisticated public transport system, with air conditional buses and realtime displays at the stops, telling how many minutes until the next bus will arrive. Almost every household has multiple motorbikes, and the number of cars is increasing dramatically.

Bendi horse cart

You can still see the old modes of transport, especially in the outlying country areas, in the centre of cities targeting tourists, or sometimes at Armada Orient.

We like reviving these old things. It’s very satisfying to see a derelict wreck of a cart, all rusted and broken, gradually turned into a splendorous sight, with new paint work, polished brass, and renewed canvas seats and canopies.

Becak pedicab

But what would I use them for? I hear you ask. They actually make a breathtaking display item for your products. Fill a becak or a bendi horse cart with colorful cushions, or rugs or dried flowers, and park it outside your shop or warehouse. You will be amazed at the respond – people slowing down, taking pictures and hopefully buying at your establish. Most of these are quite light and easy to handle, so bringing them inside at night is not a problem. They are equally good as display stands inside your business.

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Bendi house cart

Becak pedicab

Andong horse cart

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