Risban Bench

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These teak benches are excellent value!

Most evenings in Java, when a hard day’s work is finished and the sun is setting in the west, the village folk sit on their risban benches on their verandahs, greeting and gossiping with the neighbours as they pass by. It’s a most pleasant time of the day.

Risban benches grace almost all kampung houses. They are crafted by the local carpenter, and almost all are different in design and size. The ones we collect are sturdy old teak. We bring them back to our workshops in Solo, strip and repair them, and make sure they are in excellent condition.

The standard risban bench is usually between 180 – 200 cm long and 65 cm wide. But there are interesting variants on this theme

– Wider risban benches 80 – 100 cm make excellent daybeds.

– Some interesting risban benches have a box storage underneath, which is used for storing padi (rice harvested straight from the fields)

– We sometimes make smaller 2 seater risban benches about 120 cm long, which are excellent for small apartments and flats.

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