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These Wondrous Lounging Sets are made of Recycled Tyres!

Everyone is keen on recycling. We all try and reduce waste to a minimum, which is difficult now in this world where most things are overpackaged, have a very short lifespan, and are difficult to repair.

One of the hardest to dispose of is old tyres; they don’t disintegrate easily and produce a lot pollution if burnt. So it’s a joy to discover a small village south of Solo that has made a thriving industry recycling tyres into sets of tables and chairs.

Not only are they impervious to weather-I have a set outside my house that endured countless monsoon storms-but they are super comfy. It’s my favorite beer drinking place after a hard days work.

Cutting the tyres in half             Cutting the strips into even thicknesses         Coil of Well bucket rope

The industry started out about 30 years ago, and most of the people making these sets are related. My trusted supplier says it was his father-in-law who started the industry three decades ago.

The tyres are first cut in two, using a sharp curved knife. Then, using a primitive slitting tool the half tyres are cut spirally into strips about 4cm wide and 22m long. After this, the strips are run through yet another knife system that cuts them into an even thickness.

Some of the strips are sold to the furniture industry as strong webbing. Others are turned into various types of furniture.

Rubbish bin stand Children’s swing Ashtray Rubbish bin

The 2 rims of the tyres are quite stiff, and contain a lot of steel. These are used separately for legs and other frame work for furniture. The components are glued and nailed firmly together to make these wondrous lounging sets

There are other interesting products from the recycled tyres too –  well bucket ropes, rubbish bins, children’s swings. And we are working with them to develop more. So if you have any suggestions, we would welcome them gladly!

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