Oil Measures

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These sets of old oil scoops have many uses a long history and some quite interesting features!

In the old days, things were much simpler. You could go to the butcher, and order exactly what and how much you wanted. And there was very little packaging to throw away.

Likewise, when you ordered oil or kerosene or sometimes petrol the shopkeeper would measure it out carefully from a large drum into your container. He used calibrated dippers of different sizes and you could see exactly when you were getting.

Our sets of oil measures are survivors of that period. made of sheet metal. They have cute little brass lables denoting the liquid capacity. And if you look carefully you can sometimes see a little lead seal with the maker’s mark on it.

We have sets of 5 and sets of 6. They make a novel display in your kitchen or den, or useful holders for everything from utensils to niknaks. But hurry, because they are fast disappearing.

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