New Recycled Teak Range

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A range of stools, benches and coffee tables from recycled teak !

Recycling these days is a keyword – we all want to reduce our footprint on this planet and try and leave it a better place for our children and grandchildren.

Recycled stools and benches

At Armada, we sort of specialize in this art. Taking old, wrecked cupboards and tables, benches and mirrors, our carpenters lovingly restore them to their former glory. So not only do you have a nice piece, but also an item with a story – a bit of history.

Recycled small stools

Sometimes there are other things that cannot be renovated to their precious state, but are otherwise good. Old doors, window shutters, carvings and demolished houses. These our workmen transform into different unique pieces – perhaps a mirror, or a bedhead or an interesting buffet.

This is the bamboo pins

Working with a couple of our valued customers, we’re put together this stunning range of stools, benches and coffee tables. Made from recycled teak salvaged from demolished houses, these sturdy items are almost indestructible. We use proper mortise and tenon joints for extra strength. We use only good quality glue. And all joints are pinned in the old fashioned way with bamboo pins.

Table top with eroded look

Finishing can be the eroded look (most popular) or fine sanded. We can do a bleached look, a natural teak finish, or whatever your market needs. We can make to your specifications – we’re even working on knock down units for some customers in Europe.

Full of stools is on the way

This range ticks all the boxes – environmentally friendly, inexpensive, strong, and with a great story for your customers.

For purchase or related enquiries: Please contact us via email on mi*****@ar**********.com / in**@ar**********.com or via phone/WhatsApp on +62 81548418500

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