Little Oldhouse

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This exquisite old house is very old!

On the north coast of Java is a small town called Lasem. Though tiny compared with nearby
cities, Lasem is important in a lot of ways. It was here that the great Chinese armadas used to
dock 500 years ago and trade goods – silks and porcelains for spices and other Indonesian
products. And they produce a type of batik cloth unique in Indonesia.

A big majority of Lasem’s population is still ethnic Chinese, and just off the teaming major
highway that bisects the town you can find many Chinese style countyard houses, most of them
hundreds of years old. These houses typically have a high wall surrounding the property, with
one heavy wooden door in the front. The doors have Chinese characters carved upon them for
good luck.

Inside the wall are various buildings, and our wooden house was one of these. Made of sturdy
teak, it has survived many generations. The house itself is made up of panels, so it can be easily
disassembled and then rebuilt at a new site. The complete structure is made of teak – borer and
termite resistant, and highly valued here.

Little Old House
Code : Ant071j
Specification: Teak Chinese house from Lasem
Size : 650cm x 850cm x 350cm
Cum : 10.00 (est)
Price: P O A
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