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These unique tins are ideal for storage food, knitting wool, odds  and ends – you name it!

Krupuk, or rice crackers, are an important part of Indonesian cruisine, and every eating house from the tiniest warung to the flashiest restaurant inevitably has a tin of them on the table. Diners help themsolves, and in a sort of honour system, tell the waitress how many they’ve eaten so that they can be added to their bill. 

These unique tins are ideal for storage – food, knitting wool, odds and ends – you name it. For the more adventurous they can also be used as novel lampshades or wall lamps.

The most common colour is green but sometimes there are blues or other hues. Often the krupuk maker will add his name to the tin to advertise his wares.

The most common, and cheapest type, has one glass panel and can be used as a wall lamp. 4 glass tins are reasonably readily available too. For those who want something quite special we can sometimes get the somewhat rare 6 sided tins.

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  1. Want to buy different sizes of krupuk tin to be delivered to home in Singapore. Please send prices and arrival date

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