Great Little Filler Items

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These little terracotta items are superb fillers for your container !

In these difficult days of excessively high shipping rates, it is important to get as much value in a container as possible. One of the best ways is to ensure that every tiny space is crammed full with items.

From the bonepiles of Kasongan pottery village in Yogyakarta, we have secured big mobs of pots and other small items. We have planters, budha heads, Chinese money boxes, wall pots and much more.

Many of these come in natural, or an antique distressed look. But we can can also paint to your favorite colour as well.

From only US$ 2.00, these are truly some of the best value fillers you can purchase.

See more complete details for this items here !

For purchase or related enquiries: Please contact us via email on mi*****@ar**********.com / in**@ar**********.com or via phone/WhatsApp on +62 81548418500

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