Feed Bowls

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Stunning in the Garden !

These days, the pace of life is fast, and people don’t have time to create with their hands like in the olden times. Many skills are being lost as more and more of our requirements are produced in factories.

It’s nice to have things handmade, with all then little quirks and imperfections, Like these feed bowls, hewn from single logs of teak wood, shaped and hollowed out using hand tools by farmers and villagers in Java.

The smaller feed bowls were used for chickens and ducks, with occasional goose or turkey. The larger ones fed horses, cows and goats with their daily meals.

We gather up these wonderful pieces from the kampongs, and take them back to our workshops in Solo where they are cleaned, repaired if necessary, sanded smooth and packed ready for export.

The result in your garden or on the windowsill is stunning. Put plants in direct, or use them to hold pot plants – being teak, they don’t rot nor get eaten by insects. In fact most of their long lives they have been outside in the tropical rain.

So why wait? Like most good things, it won’t be long before they become hard to obtain and expensive.

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