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One of the most useful pieces of furniture in your house !

The coffee table, sitting in the middle of your primary living space, is usually the focus of visiting guests to your home. As such it is an important statement of who you are and what your tastes are. Are you a bland IKEA personality, or do you a sense of adventure and originality?

One way to make a difference is to choose a coffee table with a story. For instance, our Jodang coffee tables. A jodang is a wooden box, with each end extended up and a large round hole in each. It was used in the olden times to carry food, gifts, and eating utensils to Javanese weddings. Two stout lads would thread a bamboo pole through the holes, and carry the jodang laden with goodies to the festivities on their shoulders.

Another fascinating coffee table is the Weaver’s bench type. Upon these usually quite large tables, women would sit and weaver exquisite fabrics on their handlooms. The benches kept them off the ground and prevented their weaving from getting dirty. Although getting rarer today we can still get a few. And our workshops regularly make smaller sizes for customers using wonderful eroded recycled teak.

Or for the truly adventurous, how about a coffee table made from an old lesung – a huge hollowed out teak log used in farmer times to pound and husk rice. Or a repurposed prahu boat? The possibilities are endless.

Natural edge coffee table made from a slab of klengkeng fruit wood.

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