Coffee mortar

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Inexpensive and useful !

In days of yore, when most of the vehicles were horse or buffalo powered, and the Dutch were lords over the Indonesia Isles, people used to pond their coffee beans in wood or stone mortars. The crushed beans were their soaked in boiling water to provide the daily up of Java for both masters and peasants alike.

Most of the coffee mortars were hewn from a single, teak log. Usually about 30cm round in diameter, and a similar size in the square shape, they were individually carved to fit the timber. No two are ever alike. In Indonesia, these are called “lumpang kopi”, or coffee mortars.

There are also a few similar coffee mortars made of stone. These were also used to grind spices for cooking and also the jamu traditional medicines.

Useful for many purposes, these coffee mortars are great in a garden, or on a windowsill, or even inside on a table. Being teak they are impervious to rot, termites and borer. You can use a plastic pot, or plant direct into the mortar with easy.

Other possible uses include a receptacle for adds and ends, a fruit bowl, or even a unique coffee mortar! The old weathered look is suitable for both the ultramodern home, or the rustic cabin.

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