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There’s red and green, canary yellow and blue, “Cheap & Cheerful” We call them!

Another great find a couple of weeks ago. One of our hunter gatherers came to us with a couple of score of old wooden school chairs. They were battered around after half a century of rough little school kids, but they were made of teak.

So our workmen fixed them all up and we painted them bright colours. There’s red and green, canary yellow and blue. “Cheap and Cheerful” we call them.

They are roughly the same size, but do vary a bit in design. Who wants to be exactly the same?

Get in quick. I am sure they will be snapped up very quickly.

For purchase or related enquiries: Please contact us via email on mi*****@ar**********.com / in**@ar**********.com or via phone/WhatsApp on +62 81548418500

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