The Weird & The Wonderful Part 2

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The quest goes on. We’re always looking for something different, and enthusiastically pursue an interesting but pratical use. Here are another 5 things that we found. And what we turned them into. They range from old wooden alarmbells to rat fumigators. Read and enjoy………… and buy ! 6. Fire extinguishers Fire extinguisher have a definite lifespan. After that, they usually … Read More

The Weird & The Wonderful Part 1

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One of the most exciting things in this business is when one of our friends comes up with a novel idea for repurposing some seemingly useless antiques item. Here are a few examples. Badminton Cock Molds Many years ago, Solo had factories making badminton cocks from aluminum and feathers. But as they were overtaken by the cheap plastic rivals from … Read More