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This little collection makes excellent filler items for those small spaces in a container

Cane furniture has been around for centuries. In it’s heydays at the end of the nineteen century, there were huge factories in America and Europe producing for Victorian era houses.

Wakefield Rattan Company, factory,                          1910’s – man sitting on rattan rocking chair
Massachusetts in the late 1800’s

The raw material for cane furniture is the rattan vine, a very long liana creeper that grows in the jungles of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi in Indonesia. There are many species of rattan, and the size can vary from very thick 5cm vines down to thin 5mm types. The rattan vines are harvested by natives of those islands from deep inside the forest, and brought out by hand. A very labour intensive industry.

Collecting rattan vines from the jungles                    Rattan weavers, early 20th century

The rattan vines are bought by dealers, sorted, cleaned and graded before being onsold to factories in Cirebon and Solo. Unfortunately, despite a law forbidding the export of raw rattan from Indonesia, a lot is smuggled overseas to Vietnam, China and Philippines, and the local manufacturers are always complaining about low supplies and high prices.

This little collection we’ve put together are excellent filler items for those small spaces in a container. In these days of very high shipping rates, it’s important to get the value packed as high as possible to ameliorate shipping costs. And being light, they can be put on top of most items without any problems.

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