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One of the most interesting here in Indonesia !

a. Some carvings we make into stunning mirrors

Amongst the many talents here in Indonesia, wood carving is one of the most interesting. Timber is plentiful, and in days of yore, time was not problem either. So people used their spare time decorated their houses and their furniture with carvings.

b. These 2 mirrors were made from intricate 3 dimensional carvings from Madura island

c. Wooden finials from the top of cupboards called “mahkota” (crown) make a great conversation piece

Modern Indonesian houses often lack the charm of their forebears. Only the very rich these days can afford a carpenter to carve the intricate patterns that were common in years gone by. But in the old village houses, these carved panels and airvents, sculptured beams and furniture pieces still exist.

d. These “anginan” or windvents were customarily above doorways of Javanese houses to allow air circulation

e. Weathered teak carving from old Javanese houses

At Armada, we lovingly gather these heirlooms, and bring them back to our workshops in Solo. Here our carpenters carefully restore where necessary, using only old teak wood of a similar age. Some we incorporate into custom pieces for clients. Others we sell as is and they became fascinatic decorations in people’s houses. Each carving is individual, with many depicting pictures from Indonesian mythology and culture.

f. Look at the intricate 3 dimensional carving on these legs from a Madurese bed. We will probably make this into a lovely coffee table, or buffet base. You can order individual custom made pieces from us too.

g. Many carvings can be incorporated into our recycled teak furniture, like this cupboard and buffet

h. Bedheads are another use for nice carvings

From large to small, we have them all. Or can look for them for you !

For purchase or related enquiries: Please contact us via email on mi*****@ar**********.com / in**@ar**********.com or via phone/WhatsApp on +62 81548418500

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