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How ancient wood from a rural bridge in Java ended up as a massive table!

A village bridge in rural Java had faithfully served the community well. It had been built by the farmers’ great-grandparents to connect their kampung to the neighboring town. They had cut timbers from the giant teak trees in their communal forest, and hewn them into shape with crosscut hand saws and adzes.

But now, with more cars and heavier traffic, the local government was going to replace the old bridge needed with a modern concrete one, wider and stronger. The old timbers, still in good condition after nearly a hundred years, were quickly picked up and turned into this amazing dining table. Over 4 meters long, with a patina impossible to achieve on new timber  This truly is a unique piece.

The table is built in 4 sections so that it can be transported easily and inexpensively. Assembly is easy, with sturdy iron plates and large wooden pins. When installed, the table is massively rigid.

The timber for such a large table is very rare. However we also can make smaller sizes to your specifications. And the minimum order is one piece! Prices are governed mainly by the cost of the wood. So if you give us your length, breadth and top thickness sizes, we can calculate for you our best prices. You can check out comparative costings on the photo above.

For purchase or related enquiries: Please contact us via email on mi*****@ar**********.comin**@ar**********.com or via phone/WhatsApp on +62 81548418500

3 Comments on “Bridge Wood Table”

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