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The most amazing treasures can be found in the boneyards of Yogyakarta’s terracotta industry villages!

A rich history of terracotta pottery

Yogyakarta is the seat of one of the oldest and most powerful sultanates in Indonesia, and is considered the centre for culture, arts and crafts in the Indonesian peninsula. One of the age old crafts that has flourished in this area throughout centuries is the terracotta pottery industry which through the centuries have provided their products to royals and commoners alike. 

A traditional community built on pottery production

South of Yogyakarta lies a small village that has specialized in producing terracotta pottery for hundreds of years. Often the small factories there have excess stock, which they dump out the back of their premises. We buy whole yards of these pots in bulk very cheaply, clean and pack them, and can sell them to you at amazingly low prices.

Clean off the mud, and the beauty appears!

Sometimes my heart skips a beat when looking at the beautiful pieces of terracotta pottery that reveal themselves out of that forgotten pile of rubble. Not all of the pieces were considered perfect enough for use by royalty or other important customers at the time they were created, but each of these pieces have their own story, and possess a unique beauty that can never be recreated in today’s modern factories.

A piece of terracotta history for $0.50 anyone? The pottery comes in all kinds of exciting shapes and sizes. Generally it varies in size between 10 to 90 cm. We sell these wonderful pottery products at prices ranging from only $0.50 to about $30.00 a piece. 

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