Wrought Iron Gates, and more

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The variety that can be produced is only limited by your imagination ! We specialize in antiques – mainly because I personally love old things. Many years ago, we were looking for someone to make wrought iron hinges for old grobog chests. We wanted something that looked at least a little like the original. And we found Pak Wahyu. Twenty … Read More

New Lines 3

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We are always scouring the countryside for new and interesting pieces. Here are a few of our latest acquisitions and productions. For better photos or more information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wooden Candlesticks 

Lemuelarmada blog

The story of how a bunch of discarded table legs became a collection of  beautiful candle sticks!  Discovering the hidden treasure  In the north of Java we found a factory with a lot of old table legs. Thousands and  thousands of them, stacked high to the ceilings.  Selecting some old table legs from the factory  Carefully sorting through them, we … Read More

Little Oldhouse

Lemuelarmada blog

This exquisite old house is very old! On the north coast of Java is a small town called Lasem. Though tiny compared with nearby cities, Lasem is important in a lot of ways. It was here that the great Chinese armadas used to dock 500 years ago and trade goods – silks and porcelains for spices and other Indonesian products. … Read More

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