Wooden Textile Mill Trays

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These trays have a marvellous shabby chic look that would grace any home! Our world is changing, ever more rapidly. Things that seemed new and modern a few years ago are suddenly very old fashioned these days. PC computers, camera film, fixed line telephones, television; the list goes on and on. So it is not surprising that many of the … Read More

Bridge Wood Table

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How ancient wood from a rural bridge in Java ended up as a massive table! A village bridge in rural Java had faithfully served the community well. It had been built by the farmers’ great-grandparents to connect their kampung to the neighboring town. They had cut timbers from the giant teak trees in their communal forest, and hewn them into … Read More

Bonepile Pots

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The most amazing treasures can be found in the boneyards of Yogyakarta’s terracotta industry villages! A rich history of terracotta pottery Yogyakarta is the seat of one of the oldest and most powerful sultanates in Indonesia, and is considered the centre for culture, arts and crafts in the Indonesian peninsula. One of the age old crafts that has flourished in … Read More

Wrought Iron Gates, and more

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The variety that can be produced is only limited by your imagination ! We specialize in antiques – mainly because I personally love old things. Many years ago, we were looking for someone to make wrought iron hinges for old grobog chests. We wanted something that looked at least a little like the original. And we found Pak Wahyu. Twenty … Read More

New Lines 3

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We are always scouring the countryside for new and interesting pieces. Here are a few of our latest acquisitions and productions. For better photos or more information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wooden Candlesticks 

Lemuelarmada blog

The story of how a bunch of discarded table legs became a collection of  beautiful candle sticks!  Discovering the hidden treasure  In the north of Java we found a factory with a lot of old table legs. Thousands and  thousands of them, stacked high to the ceilings.  Selecting some old table legs from the factory  Carefully sorting through them, we … Read More

Little Oldhouse

Lemuelarmada blog

This exquisite old house is very old! On the north coast of Java is a small town called Lasem. Though tiny compared with nearby cities, Lasem is important in a lot of ways. It was here that the great Chinese armadas used to dock 500 years ago and trade goods – silks and porcelains for spices and other Indonesian products. … Read More

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